Friday, October 4, 2013

Making Time

What are you making time for in your life? When you make certain decisions (to get married, have a family, accept a job, volunteer, follow Christ) there are responsibilities that along with those choices. With our limited resources of time and energy, we will only be able to invest in certain things. While choosing to act responsibly will limit the expendable time we have left, it is still ours to spend. The question all of us face is what we will do in those moments.
  • Do we increase the depth of our current relationships? 
  • Are we reading & learning as a leader? 
  • Are we wasting time in efforts that bring no return results? 
  • Are we finding pleasure in a hobby that keeps getting squeezed out of our daily schedule? 
  • Do we volunteer and give part of that time back to others with no expectations in return?
  • Are we finding time to rest and recover from the other parts of our week?
  • Do we consistently make time for exercise?
  • When are we devoting ourselves to our journey with God?
We will make time for the things that are important to us. Once we figure out what that is we might have to move our schedules around to make time for it all. We either go through the rescheduling or end up lamenting the lack of time we have for important things.

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