Sunday, October 20, 2013

Going Public

Today was Baptism Sunday at Northridge. While we firmly believe that there is no set time that a decision has to take place, we wanted to offer a special opportunity for people to go public with their decision to follow Christ. We have been praying for this day and asking God to lead people to commit their lives to following Him.

We've had several special-emphasis days like this in the past and you never know exactly what will happen. There will be surprises, introductions to new people, great moments of euphoria, and tears as some are overcome with emotion. There will be visible relief on their faces as they grasp the joy of their life-transforming decision, but we can't even begin to fully understand the complete depth of their journey and all that led them to this point. We choose to trust in what God has done in their spirit to bring them to the point of action. It's simply an honor to be a very small part in what they are doing and the bold proclamation they are making. Their authentic actions speak of the truth found in publicly choosing to follow Christ and our increasing passion to see even more lives transformed.

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