Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just One

This journey of life is often difficult. There are circumstances and events surrounding us that are often outside of our control. Our relationships go through rough patches with some of them becoming permanently severed in the process. Our minds work overtime as we try to make sense out of insensible facts and the decisions of others. We even fret over the outcome of the future even though we can barely make sense of today's happenings. Sometimes we will manage to push through these storms and be at peace. There are other times when it all seems to collapse at the same time and we become completely undone.

There is no magic button to have it all make sense or for everything to become instantly better. We simply have to remind ourselves that while we may not have seen this confluence of events God is not surprised or caught off guard. We recognize that we cannot manipulate all of life's events to work out for our own good and put our faith in a Father and King who is able to control what we cannot. We take a deep breath (sometimes through tears and often in frustration) and simply ask God for the strength and focus we need for this day.

We can't travel a journey of 1000 miles all at once and we won't arrive at a secure, confident future in a blink of an eye either. We trust God for what He brings to us today and seek nothing more. When we can pray this in confidence we'll find that God is giving us exactly what we need to persevere for this one 24 hour period. We'll then see that the difficult journey becomes more manageable when we only ask God to give us what we need to be strong today.

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