Sunday, October 27, 2013

Looking Up

When we meet with our life group every other week I open the discussion with an extremely difficult question. We begin by asking each person to share their "high moment" from the week-describing something that was the best part of what they experienced. In all of my experiences in groups this is one of the most difficult questions to ask. It makes each of us carefully analyze our week and find something positive to share. Honestly, there are some weeks (and months) where this is more difficult than others. We struggle through the past seven days to find a highlight that is worth sharing. Sometimes it is a monumental event that we can't wait to talk about and other times we are sifting through the refuse of a nasty week to dig out a small morsel to cling to. The benefit of the exercise is that it gets us to open up to our group, but most importantly it is for us to see that God is doing something positive in each of our lives if we would take the time to find it.

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