Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I don't devotedly watch any reality talent show, but I do enjoy watching clips of them online. One of my secret pleasures is to watch the auditions and see the unexpected talents that arise. I will also admit to watching to see the train wrecks--the people who truly shouldn't sing in public (or perhaps even in private.) I feel badly for them not just because of their lack of talent, but because they have deceived themselves into thinking they have a shot. It's a strong testimony on the power of self-deception. It makes me wonder where the people are in their lives who should be speaking the truth (in love) to them.

Self-deception is a dangerous trap that any of can fall into. It can affect our marriages, friendships, family life, careers, and even damage our integrity. Exposing ourselves to the truth through genuine accountability and life-to-life mentoring will help us avoid the potentially damaging effects that we can impose on ourselves. Growth takes a willingness on our part to hear the unpleasant truth and the humility to make changes.

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