Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fire At Will

If you're going to go into battle you don't want to enter combat with only one bullet in your gun. Even if you have excellent marksmanship the odds are not necessarily in your favor. It's better to be prepared to fire more than one shot for the greatest success.

The same principle applies to success in our family life. We can't expect one night of attention and focus to develop closeness with our children, but we have to use multiple opportunities and approaches to have the best possible influence. Assuming that Valentine's Day or an anniversary is sufficient to build romance in our marriages will leave our spouses lacking in genuine love and appreciation. Using the church on Sunday morning as the only chance for your family to hear God's truth leaves a gap that widens with each subsequent day of the week.

There are active forces battling against our homes and the health of our families. It only makes sense to take advantage of multiple opportunities to strengthen them instead of taking one shot at it and hoping it works.

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