Friday, May 24, 2013

Picking the Path

When I taught at The Mainland High School in Daytona Beach I would tell my students that there were two key factors that would directly influence the people they would become. There is no way to deny their
impact and even if we try they cannot be ignored. We are all in some way a result of our heredity and environment. The key (as I shared with my students) is what you decide to do with your genetic makeup and how you respond to your environment.

Very few of us can profess to having a perfectly ideal childhood and there are obvious genetic predispositions that can hamper each of us. The key to overcoming these potential obstacles to healthy development is in the actions we take to as we map out our future. It is a result of self-control, honest assessment, and the drive to do something different. I'm not negating God's sovereign plan and power to transform lives, but I am highlighting the need for people to make the right decision. We are all given the power of choice and can use that to find success through these fundamental life keys.

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