Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tight Knit

We had our mission team reunion this afternoon--the first time we have all intentionally gotten back together since our trip right after Easter. There was good food, laughter, shared memories, and inside jokes as we reveled in each other's company. It is a group like no other (like each unique team I have had the pleasure of serving with) and we will always share this trip as something special.

It comes from a familiarity that is forged in Kingdom service. There are lasting bonds built when you have prayed, saved, worshiped, and shared a small space for a week. The DNA of each team is uniquely shaped by our individual personalities, the mix of people we minister to, transparency in our time together, and the lasting impact of our work--both on the mission field and in us.

Over the last decade of ministry I have learned that mission efforts develop genuine community. When you sacrifice together it creates a unity that can't be dissolved.

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