Sunday, May 5, 2013

Admit It

We talked about the word "confession" in our life group today as a follow up to this morning's message. We were all in agreement on the need for genuine confession, but also agreed with how difficult it is. It's a humbling action that opens you up to the potential for great healing and full restoration. It can also be incredibly frightening to be that honest when you are unsure of how people will react. It speaks to the need for compassionate people in our lives to help us through the process. It's the willingness of kind friends to cover up our embarrassment--never to cover up our sin--and help us through the healing process. In this way we model the best of Christianity through our extension of love, mercy, and unqualified grace towards others. It's the embodiment of one of my favorite quotes from Andy Stanley, author and pastor at North Point Community Church: "The church is most appealing when grace is most apparent."

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