Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our House

We are moving into a new house in Milledgeville this coming Wednesday. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that we are leaving the best house we have ever lived in either. I will most certainly miss the
views of our water and the incredible sunrises and sunsets we have been privy to this past year and half. Every day that I looked out our windows I reminded myself that it was only for a season and that we were going to enjoy this blessing (and ridiculously kind generosity of friends) as long as it lasted.

We sat outside on our deck tonight for our last family dinner. Our girls faces were sun-kissed as they lounged in chairs and told a succession of stories. We pet our dog and laughed at his idiosyncrasies and watched boats & wave runners go by. I played my guitar and we sang as we continually interrupted songs with more stories. It only reinforced in me what is most important--our family being together. Each of our homes has a set of memories and is a part of our life together. I look back on each one very fondly and know that this next great house (with fantastic landlords again!) will be a key part in the tale of our lives together. It reminds me that I am blessed man indeed.

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