Monday, May 20, 2013

Recognize the Tone

As I continue to read my way through Old Testament history, I read this morning about King Solomon and his leadership. During his reign Israel thrived in a period of safety and prosperity unlike any other. They were not threatened in any real way and increased their influence and affluence as a nation. Obviously God was blessing them through Solomon's leadership and fulfilling His promise to his father, King David. Through his character and abilities Solomon was able to provide guidance for an unparalleled time of peace, safety, and prosperity for his nation.

On a personal level, what would be said about the tone of our leadership? How would our families describe the way that we lead--is it one of contention, preoccupation, and selfishness or one of safety, focused quality time, and generosity of spirit? How do we lead in our organizations--career, church, and community? Are we leading with negativity, criticism, and insecurity or with affirmation, constructive coaching, and genuine humility? Our personal philosophy of leadership will contribute heavily to the success of the people we lead.

There is no discounting the way that God works through us, but it's also vital to bring the healthiest tone of leadership to our circles of influence.

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