Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Do & Be

There are certain things that a leader does-thinking strategically, being observant, listening well, casting vision, organizing events & people, setting goals, etc. Anyone with the time and talent can do these things and assume the title of leader. These responsibilities alone don't necessarily make someone a leader however. It's not just about the things that you do, but it's about who you are. So many people become consumed with the competency and talent level of a high powered individual that they forget about the most vital mark of a leader--their character. Effective & influential leadership isn't just about the "doing" but also about the "being." One can't exist without the other although far too many people falsely believe one can compensate for the other. As growing leaders we have to continually work to strengthen both areas-our abilities and our integrity.

What are you doing each day to develop your competency and character? Daily purposeful focus is the only way to become someone worth following.

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