Saturday, April 13, 2013

Speak Up

I recognize that it's a gift from God, but I am particularly proud of my speaking voice. It has a deep resonance and I have learned how to use it to get people's attention and create volume in crowded places. As a perfect example, last year our Arizona mission team was in the Atlanta airport waiting to receive our boarding passes. I needed the group to gather closer to me so I called out, "Hey guys, gather over here so I can give you some instructions." I was pleased to see my team of 20 step closer to me, but also greatly amused as another 20 people joined them in response to my vocal commands.

The thing about my voice is that I won't have it forever. At some point age will decrease its power and I won't be able to utilize it in ways that I can now. I've got to take care of it to make sure it lasts as long as possible and that I don't waste it by yelling and abusing it now. 

Our influence is also our voice. Unfortunately we forget that we won't have this exact position forever so we waste the opportunities to speak truth and have an impact in the right moment and time. We wantonly use it to further our own selfish agenda instead of thinking of the best overall goals. We ignore our children because "right now" isn't convenient for us while they grow another day closer to leaving our home. We give up our voice of influence when we act rashly out of anger and belittle people instead of taking the time to understand their point of view and listen to what they are trying to share with us. We decrease our volume when we stand boldly on what the church is against and forget to share the grace and mercy that Jesus always stood for. 

We need to recognize what we have while we have it and start speaking so that others will choose to listen while we still have the voice to speak.

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