Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Carpe Diem

Seizing the moment isn't just about taking advantage of rare opportunities. It's about recognizing
potential interactions and making the most of the choices we face each day. Leaders choose to be opportunistic. They look for new ways to do things instead of being content to keep doing what has worked to this point. Leaders seek out moment with their families instead of going through the motions of a full calendar and weekly routine. They are aware of the potential for influencing people around them--even those they don't necessarily know--instead of passing blindly by on the way to the next appointment. Leaders see the God-possibilities in each part of the day instead of dismissing it as benign and trivial.

When we recognize and seize opportunities we open ourselves up to new levels of growth and increased momentum--both personally and organizationally. What new thing are you looking for today? God will give you opportunities to do, see, and say new things today. Don't miss them.

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