Saturday, April 20, 2013

An Ounce of Prevention

The most important job of an athletic trainer is prevention. While we are schooled in injury evaluation and rehabilitation we would much rather invest our efforts in making sure they don't happen. That is why (in my former career) I spent time coaching athletes in nutrition and hydration for the best physical fueling. It's why we emphasize training and physical conditioning that is sport specific. We evaluate playing conditions and correct improper technique that could lead to debilitating results.

The thought hit me the other day that my calling as a pastor isn't that different. While I might get caught up in dealing with problems after they happen, most of my time should be spent in teaching and preparing so that damaging decisions don't occur. Much like athletic training I can't guarantee a trauma free event, but I can invest my time in prayer and preparation to set people up for the best possible outcome. I know that I would much rather spend time in leadership and character development instead of crisis management in the aftermath of injurious decision making.

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