Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Joy & Suffering

Our leadership team attended a lunch & information session hosted by Serenity Hospice today at the hospital. It provided some interesting insights into hospice care and the parallels to the Christian life & ministry.

  • Hospice care and hope have to work together (isn't this supposed to be the church's motto too?)
  • Often patients wait much longer they should before seeking hospice help (in the church people wait for things to fall apart before they seek help)
  • The key to good care is to listen and pay careful attention to the family around them (sometimes the church is so quick to talk about what they are doing that they forget to listen to people first)
  • We want people to be able to say, "It is well" at the end of their life (do we even understand what this means as a church?)
  • Sometimes your presence is enough to help (are we caught up in doing so much that we forget about just being there?)
  • Successful hospice care takes focus and selflessness (is the objective to truly help or just make ourselves feel better because we made an effort?)
  • Take the time for a positive touch-it helps keep people connected and grounded to today (are we moving quickly through a room or phone call or are we stopping to touch an individual life?)
  • When we give great care our reputation speaks for itself (not only is this true, but it should be a measurable, tangible goal for God's church)

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