Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's New

You wouldn't necessarily be able to tell by looking around my house, but I like new things. I like to buy new clothes, to snag the latest technology, the smell of a new car, and the initial attachment to something I haven't had before. New excites other people too--whether it's just new to us or brand new. 

I think that God's ability to make us new through Jesus is the most appealing aspect of His character. It's the way that He is able to take someone who is flawed & imperfect and mold them into something that is better than we imagined. He works through our hurts, our sordid pasts, the things that have been done to us, and our regrets to shape something beautiful. It's not always an easy process and it requires humility to submit ourselves entirely to the work God is doing. We have to learn to trust His passionate desire for us more than our nature to resist. 

Turning ugly into beauty doesn't just describe God's ability. It's the complete story of His creative genius and His detailed work to save us from ourselves. 

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