Monday, April 8, 2013

A New Family

It is never easy to leave the reservation and our time in Arizona. Over the last ten years it has become a second home to my wife & I as it's a place where we feel comfortable traveling and providing benefit to the people that live there full time. I have made 16 trips there in the last decade and each one gives us an opportunity to build a bridge of trust and to make an impact in some way.

I love the experience that we have, but I also love leading teams of people out there. There is a ridiculous amount of physical beauty that I look forward to sharing with them, but it is the growth of the team together that I value the most. Each team develops its own unique personality and culture and there are always surprises as people step up to lead in unexpected ways and step out in spiritual growth. We share laughter, tears, quickly evaporating sweat, and sometimes blood. There is deep satisfaction in a finished job and in the tears and hugs from the staff we encourage. While we are ready for the comforts of home & routine and the love of our friends and families, there is also a sadness as our temporary family disbands.

It's the nature of these mission trips to end, but I hope that we all return to "normal" with a bit more insight into what matters and a Holy Spirit adjusted perspective that will lead us to make decisions a bit differently than before we set out. It's a growth opportunity that can only come from a sacrifice of self for the sake of others.

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