Friday, November 1, 2013


One of the characteristics of God that I find most appealing is His incredible desire to restore. It's a powerfully attractive quality as we discover the investment of God's energy in bringing us back from the dark side of self-inflicted damage, desperation, and sickness. The truth is that God has always been in the restoration business-it's the way He has told the tale of who He is from the beginning. 

The key to being restored isn't only found in God's willingness however. There has to be a readiness on our part to submit to God's work in bringing us back to a point of being right. Far too often we become so content with our state of sickness and brokenness that we are unwilling to have that removed. The change that healing will bring to our present reality frightens us and so we reject the perfect healing that God is ready to bring. It's a sad circumstance when we have accepted this wrecked condition as the height of the life we strive for. 

Being made right isn't just a reflection of God's ability to heal, but also our submission to His way for our life. It's the healing of our dependency that brings the greatest freedom.

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