Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Resting Discovery

I won't pretend to have the concept of Sabbath down pat. Even though I am fairly faithful (in recent years) with taking that day away from the demands of ministry, I don't always have the proper focus during that time. I find myself running all of the errands that must be done, catching up on reading, or otherwise occupying my mind. I'm missing out on the key component God intended for me to have: rest. 

I am learning that this is essential for survival as my mind, body, and spirit become weary and I function at less than full capacity otherwise. I am just learning that there is much more to Sabbath than my own recovery however. It's in the practice of quiet solitude (not just sleeping in late with a clear calendar) that I truly discover who God is. A packed ministry agenda might accomplish objectives and help lead people closer to Christ, but I am missing a level of personal intimacy when I am constantly on the go--even for the valid ministry of the church. 

It's in the rest (peaceful Sabbath) of God that we find the rest (all of Him) of God.

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