Friday, November 15, 2013

Next In Line

I spent a good portion of today with friends at my alma mater, The Mainland High School. It's always refreshing to catch up with people that I have shared life with-some of them for over 25 years. I
wrapped up the day by hitting the football playoff game and walking the sideline. Sharing that space with me were former students & athletes that I was blessed to teach. These men are now serving as the head football coach, the head athletic trainer, and other football position coaches. Those that we invested in as teenagers are now leading the way by mentoring and training other young people.

It hit me as I stood on that familiar sideline that this is the way mentoring and development is supposed to work. When leaders intentionally invest in other people and give them the opportunity to step up it, becomes a perpetual, sustaining culture. Not only is it the most effective way of developing new leaders it gives you an incredible sense of accomplishment as you witness it in action and recognize the extent of your personal influence.

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