Friday, November 22, 2013

It Matters

I attended the ribbon cutting on a new garden and walking trail in a nearby community yesterday afternoon. It is in an economically depressed area of town that is seeing a resurgence as the members of this specific area are banding together to make a difference. The walking trail is open to anyone and people can choose to rent a small area to plant for their own garden. It has seen families, individuals, and community investors partner together to revitalize an area that has struggled for many years. Older men are working alongside young men to make a physical difference while having an opportunity to share life changing truths at the same time. Families are directly enjoying the fruits of their labor while they eat the foods they have grown themselves. The area has become a safe and enticing place to play for children again as well.

The best commentary was shared yesterday by a mother and her family. She said that this community felt like it had been asleep and it had finally been awakened again. That's the result that excites me and encourage me to find new ways for us to change other areas in our community around us. It's exactly why we get involved and will keep investing our resources to make a difference.

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