Saturday, November 23, 2013

Good Times

My teenage girls don't react exactly how they used to when good things happen, but they still have a youthful enthusiasm that quickly turns into gleeful squeals. I love surprising them with things that elicit those reactions whether it is taking them to a movie we've been eagerly anticipating or just bringing home unexpected ice cream. They laugh, give big hugs of thanks, and throw themselves into the moment with passion.

We're spending the afternoon with friends and celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Dr. Who show. My ladies (including my wife) have been looking forward to this since we first planned it and it now involves a big meal and celebration of a show they love. My oldest daughter found it necessary to dress similarly to the good Doctor and has been planning her outfit for a while. All three of them are giddy with anticipation of the showing this afternoon and won't forget to tell anyone about it.

I don't watch Dr. Who so I can't share in their fandom, but their enthusiasm has reminded me of how important it is to just have fun. As adults, we often forget to simply enjoy moments in life whether it's a silly TV show (my apologies to true Whovians), pizza for dinner, or a fire with smores on a chilly night. These are all moments where we can choose to acknowledge it in passing or stop and revel in the simple joys we're blessed to share in life. It's a reminder I need now & then to keep me focused on what matters most.  

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