Thursday, November 21, 2013

Difference Makers

Tonight a group of men from Vaughn Chapel and Northridge Christian Church met to chat & chew. While we enjoyed conversation with each other and a good steak dinner, we gathered for a greater purpose. We were all concerned with the state of our community and the role of men in leadership and want to be part of the solution. It won't be fixed overnight, but it can begin with a group of dedicated, godly men who are willing to prayerfully invest in the generations around us. It's a risky move that requires dedicated time, effort, and spiritual energy to find success. It's almost guaranteed that it won't be easy, but if we won't step up to do something about it nothing will ever change for the better. 

All of us recognize the need for men to step up and lead in our families, in schools, and in industry. We also see the lack of man-to-man mentoring, but realize what an incredible opportunity that gives us.

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