Thursday, October 31, 2013

Worst to First

It's sometime amazing how quickly things change. Last year the Boston Red Sox finished with one of the worst records in the American League while this year they had the best record and just wrapped up a World Series title. It may seem hard to believe that this can happen in just a year, but obviously the turnaround was fueled by practical & philosophical adjustments:

  • A new manager was hired: when your team underperforms and morale is poor a new voice in charge may be what is needed to motivate.
  • Team chemistry became an important value: careful attention was given to the blending of the team with input from key leaders in developing a positive team culture.
  • Difficult team members were replaced: character became a more important value than capability when overall talent became a secondary measurement to a humble, team-oriented approach.
  • A fresh, winning attitude was implemented: when you are dissatisfied with your results you have to decide that losing isn't an option and choose to adopt a winner's demeanor even before you start winning.
  • Unity breeds continued success: instead of assigning blame & creating cliques in the team you find ways to build camaraderie even if they seem simple (like growing manly beards.)
These are good, solid principles that helped change the fortunes of a team in one calendar year, but the biggest motivator is a hardened desire for things to change. Experiencing an IHHE (I Have Had Enough) moment  is the first step to our situations changing for the better.

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