Friday, October 25, 2013

Parental Persuasion

I was honored to lead the funeral for a man that I did not personally know today. Most of my direct knowledge of him was shared by his son who is also a friend of mine. His stories of his dad helped me to shape the message I was able to share, but I found this man's true story in the lives of his children. His impact on them (and the whole family) was quite apparent. It was honor to meet their father through them and left me feeling as if I knew him in some small way myself.

We shouldn't ever sell short the impact we have on our children and family. We never know exactly how our words, attitudes, and actions will affect them, but we can rest assured that they will be a powerful influence. It's something my wife & I give a great deal of thought to as we try to do the best we can with our three girls. It's not a responsibility we take lightly nor will that opportunity end as long as we have breath. We'll just continue to pray fervently, lead them the best way we know how, and trust in God's strength through our weakness.


  1. hey craig this is mark. we watched andy stanley this week. he preached on the echo effect. i know you are doing the best you can do with your children and GOD will use that in the best way. I'm so glad I'm not raising kids these days. be strong. your kids are watching.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement my friend! You guys have obviously done a great job as parents-I appreciate the example you've set!