Saturday, January 9, 2016

Self Made

Mrs. Spivey was an older woman who lived a few houses down from me when I was in junior high. She was retired, but delivered the evening paper for extra income. She asked me if I wanted to work for her and make $45 a month folding papers on her route. I would go over after school and sit in the back seat of her car and fold up the papers while she delivered them. It made her afternoon go by faster and it was easy income for me.

I remember one afternoon in particular when we were out on our route. We had done our prep work and were pulling up to our first house. From my spot in the back seat I heard a loud thud and then wild laughter from Mrs. Spivey. I jerked my head up to see what had happened and heard through her cackles, “I forgot to roll the window down!” No matter how hard she tried to deliver that paper her own window being rolled up was going to prohibit that desire.

When we face obstacles to our progress, we can often fall into the trap of blaming other people or even giving credit to satan for messing with us. If we examined things a bit more closely, I think we might find much of that interference is of our own making. We have allowed our past to hinder our forward progress, have neglected to work diligently, or created new stumbling blocks in our own mind. No forward progress can be made until we remove the obstacle we’ve put in our own path.

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