Thursday, January 21, 2016


Those who have dogs understand what happens when you drop food on the floor. Most of the time you don’t stand a chance of picking that food up before it’s eaten. In fact, some dogs are able to get to it from another room before you are able to bend down and grab it. Our saying at the house is, “If it’s on the ground, it’s for the hound.” Any food item that bounces out of your control will be quickly devoured.

It’s like this with the passing of time in our lives too. If we lose our grip on it our time will be quickly devoured. It’s how a small detour online can quickly eat up an hour and derail your productivity and make you forget the path you intended to be on. I’m not proposing we eliminate every distraction and completely structure each minute of our day. There is just good wisdom in realizing that when time passes we can’t get it back. Hopefully this helps us be more strategic with some parts of our time and simply enjoy the others. Once it bounces out of our control it is quickly devoured and can’t be regained.

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