Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Firm Foundation

My mother and father divorced when I was very young and I have very little memory of my dad's family. There is a big gap in my life history from the paternal side and I don't know it will ever truly be filled. Too much time has passed and most of those older generations have passed on as well.

My mother has told me my paternal grandfather was a pastor. The picture above has him seated on the left hand side. The book next to the picture is The Star Book for Ministers, a helpful guide for functioning as a minister, and belonged to my grandfather. These two items were passed on to me after my father's death and while I don't know their complete story, these things signify a foundation.

Even though I am unsure of the depth of their influence, there were things established for me before I knew what path in life I would take. The personal path of ministry was chosen by my dad's father long before I even existed. I don't believe this means I was destined to become a pastor because of his choices. My awareness of this legacy has influenced me in some measure however.

I don't mean to overplay the significance of this book and picture, but it reminds me of the value of the foundation I am setting for my future generations. The decisions I make today are not just affecting me and my children, but also those generations I may never see. It helps me (and scares me a little too) to think about the influence my dedication, faith, and character may have on my future family.

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