Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's Only Two

It's interesting how your perspective changes as you engage in activities for a while. I was talking with some friends a few weeks ago about the training program I was using for my half marathon. There were days when it only called for two miles of running. I told them I would run at least three on those days since I was not quite warmed up after only two miles. I jokingly said it almost wasn't worth putting my shoes on for just two miles.

I thought back to that comment when I was nearing the end of the race this past Saturday. I realized the irony of dismissing a two mile distance while my body currently groaned at the thought of two more miles. I suppose the difference in perspective comes from when those two miles take place. When they are the only ones I am running I'm not stressed, but when they are tacked on at the end of 11 miles they take much more effort to overcome.

That's probably not very different than any other stressor in our lives. If we are in a fairly peaceful time of life a minor hiccup doesn't seem to derail us much at all. When we have been under constant stress and are filled with anxiety something as simple as running out of milk can seem like a catastrophe. Being aware of our current stress level can help us prepare for these moments and hopefully remember to just take it in stride and keep moving forward.

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