Saturday, January 2, 2016

Do or Be?

This is a time of year when most people are thinking about personal changes, creating new positive habits, and ridding themselves of negative ones. The change of calendar year stirs up thoughts of new hope and the possibility of improving who we are. These lists can be challenging and exciting while thinking about the changes we hope to go through in hopes of being better people. This often ends up in discouragement unfortunately as we abandon our lists before checking things off.

I'm discovering the key to long term success is in adopting the right mindset. Instead of focusing goals and objectives on what we want to accomplish, we should focus on who we want to become. This moves from just being a list of things I am going to do and becomes actions which help to shape me into the man I want to be. Even as I refine my own list of goals, I am looking at them through the lens of the man I hope to be at the end of this year. That perspective is a stronger motivator than being able to mark off my accomplishments twelve months from now.

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