Saturday, January 16, 2016

Maintain the Pace

I am a firm believer in setting goals and finding ways to push yourself to improve. This isn't just a mindset at the new year, but something I want to work on throughout the year.

When I finished my first half marathon in November, I decided I wanted to finish my next one in under two hours. I made adjustments to my speed during training and kept track of my completed mileage on long runs. I thought I could probably complete the race based on my preparation, but wouldn't truly know until the day of the event. As I started out I had my overall goal in mind and knew I would have to maintain a certain pace the entire race if I had any hopes of reaching it. I couldn't wait until the last mile and then try to make up the time at the end. If I didn't commit to reaching my goal during the whole race-not just the last mile-I wouldn't have reached it.

I've learned to keep my goals constantly in mind if I have any hope of fulfilling them. (That may seem obvious, but some lessons take me longer to learn than others.) There can't be a realistic expectation of reaching the finish line if there isn't consistent effort towards the goal. It's difficult to achieve 100% of your objective without spreading out the effort over time. We've got to set the right pace and maintain it if we want to keep growing.

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