Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Conquered It

A year ago today my wife and I climbed Camelback Mountain in Arizona. We had "attempted" to climb it several years ago and didn't get very far before giving up. When we realized we would have the opportunity to challenge the peak again we took advantage of it. We packed our water and snacks, put our sunblock on, dressed appropriately, and headed up. A few hours later we stood victoriously at the top of a mountain which had previously defeated us. I attribute our success on this attempt to better preparation and improved physical fitness.

Climbing the mountain was a highlight of our year and a testament to our stubborn desire to succeed. I feel confident in saying we'll never forget that physical milestone and will always celebrate the completion of our goal. It's a reminder to me of what is possible if we are willing to be better prepared and to keep pushing onward even though the trail is difficult.

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