Thursday, January 28, 2016

Keep Doing It

Some days are more difficult than others. Unexpected events, high stress circumstances, frustrating obstacles, and long hours can dampen your enthusiasm. One of the keys to coming through those healthfully is to figure out some way to re-energize yourself. 

I came home last night after a very long (and in many ways good) day. Before leaving the church I had already made up my mind to run. The cool, rainy weather would not deter me from hitting the streets and in fact, only added a measure of enjoyment to my run. Even though my end-of-day exercise got me to bed much later than usual, it was absolutely worth the effort. I was in a better mood and slept more soundly (albeit in fewer hours.)

We each have a different mechanism to keep us balanced and maintain a healthy perspective. Releasing our stress may be through gaming, exercise, napping, or some other hobby. I would simply encourage people to figure out what helps them deal with their stress in a healthy way and then commit doing it consistently.  

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