Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Closing the Gap

One of my favorite things to do on previous mission trips to Arizona was to take groups hiking in Box Canyon. It is a decent two-mile hike down to the bottom with decent trails, some challenging alternative routes, and fresh cold water on the canyon floor. While the main trail isn't too difficult to climb down the other routes require much more agility. Some times you were left with a sizable gap between safe climbing rocks that would require you stretch to bridge the gap or choose another route. There was a tension of adrenaline as you wondered if you could make the leap or just choose to stay where you are.

I think we deal with a similar tension when we face the gap between our self-perception and our self-ideal. This is a tension separating our idea of who we presently are and the person we think we should be. Depending on the size of that gap this can be a frightening concept to manage. We can either be discouraged by the distance and slide into negative behaviors or rise to the challenge and find a way to cross that chasm. It really reflects our desire for maturity over our doubts and fears.

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