Friday, September 18, 2015

Find Your Second Wind

I read a running article today which shared a simple yet complex bit of wisdom. This author wrote, "Everyone has a second wind. Most people just don’t run long enough to find it.” I can relate to this from a runner's perspective as I've often felt exhausted on a run only to find another burst of energy that carried me through to the end. In those moments I had to fight the urge to quit and only then was I able to find the second wind that enabled me to finish strongly.

We need that same mentality of perseverance in other areas of life too. Without an attitude of endurance we can give up far too quickly on relationships, jobs, changes in behavior, and new plans. Sadly, we will often decide to quit before we find out what we're really capable of doing. When we are willing to push through barriers of resistance, we will discover we're able to go further than we thought. Our character will be stronger and we'll be more confident in our ability to persevere as a result.

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