Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cross Training

One of the things I've recently learned about running is the great value of cross-training. My simple logic tells me I would get better at running by running more. While that is true, I'm discovering improvements from the in-between days of weights and other activities as well. These "off days" are good for resting, but they also make me better as they stretch me in different ways.

I realize I should be taking this approach in the rest of my life too. It's not just the big moments that help me get stronger, but how I use the moments in between that make a difference. Reading books/blogs/articles that stretch my thinking, talking with new people, listening to different voices, and using my own gifts in new ways are all effective methods of making me better overall. It's not easy to think about doing this on a personal level, but I believe it makes us more well rounded people. We are stronger overall as a result of varying influences and our willingness to make better use of the time in between the big moments of life.

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