Monday, September 21, 2015

Look Around

I loved teaching at Mainland High School. I struggled through it some in the early years as I figured out what I was doing, but soon discovered a passion for teaching. The classroom was a place of enjoyment for me (mostly), but the most powerful education was shared in other ways. I quickly discovered greater impact through non-traditional "teachable moments." These would present themselves in small group interactions, discussing societal events that impacted all of us, and one-to-one conversations in non-traditional environments. The key to taking advantage of these was to always be on the lookout for a time to share. My willingness to share and the student's desire to learn could be shaped through all of these apparently random moments.

Life is full of teachable moments even today. Our life experiences, relationships, and personal interactions are always providing learning opportunities. What we read, watch, and listen to can stretch us in new ways while causing us to think in deeper levels. Regardless of our age, all of life can teach us new things if we are willing to learn. Are we paying attention to the possibilities all around us?

An open mind, a desire to grow, and a willingness to put things into action are all that are necessary to take advantage of the teachable moments life provides.

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