Friday, September 25, 2015


This morning I was able to have breakfast with 20-30 like-minded leaders in our community. We met in a local civic center to pray and to discuss the state of our town. I was able to see friends I know very well and was also able to meet new people who invested in the health of our community. It's hard to determine what will come out of today's gathering, but at the very least we were in agreement about the need to be engaged in making a difference. Sometimes there is great benefit gained just by knowing we don't stand alone. 

In circumstances where the odds might seem stacked against progress, we can be encouraged by a strong-willed, purpose-driven group of influential individuals. The desire to see positive change, redirected lives, and hopeful options can be the impetus for a community revival. All movements of restoration had to start somewhere. Why not with us?

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