Thursday, September 17, 2015

Take a Hint

This week has finally brought some pleasant temperatures to us here in Georgia. It has made running in the morning much more enjoyable, allowed us to open our windows at night, and finally decreased the sweat level overall. I'm not fooled into thinking the warmer weather is completely over, but these lower temperatures are providing a tease of fall. This little hint of autumn is causing me to think about changes in seasons, cooler nights, college football, sweaters, and long runs in brisk temperatures. The heat of this summer has caused me to look eagerly ahead to a different season. It only took a small change before I started thinking about what was on the horizon. 

The bigger question is whether or not I pick up on other hints of change in my life. Am I aware of slight shifts in my relationships? Do I notice when people around me are struggling? Can I pick up on small hints of change in my community? Am I able to sense when God is leading me in new directions and is slowly transforming me? My ability to pick up on these subtle hints will help me keep pace with the rhythm of life and hopefully be a benefit to the people I care about in my life.

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