Friday, May 16, 2014

Short Term Payoff

We spent the whole day painting in the house we are moving into next week. It's a tedious task, but a necessary one to get the rooms prepped before we move. The truth is that I enjoy painting because it's a way to see the immediate results of my work.

I don't realistically expect that everything I put my effort into will immediately produce results. In fact, there are many worthwhile things that can only be seen through consistent efforts and regular focus. When all of your efforts are invested in producing long-term results however, it's important to find something that brings an immediate payoff of satisfaction. It can be found in the simplicity of mowing a lawn, pressure washing a sidewalk, or painting a room. These are tasks with a quick return on investment. They are important ways to find a short term reward while keeping your focus on producing the long-term results that need patience over the long haul.

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