Saturday, May 24, 2014

Settling In

We have just completed our fourth move in the last five years. It reflects our decision to rent a home instead of buying one (which is a topic for another blog post.) We have become experts at the science of the move and know what works best for us in terms of getting things done quickly. We painted the house last week, but began the move in earnest yesterday and finished this afternoon with the last box being unpacked. We are blessed with friends that are generous in spirit (and muscle) and our entire family worked hard to make this place right.

It's important for us to quickly set up our home for our family's comfort. The process of moving tends to disrupt the patterns we are accustomed to and we are looking for a quick homeostatic return to normalcy. It's not just about physical convenience either. It's about our home being a place for new memories to be made and a desire for things to make sense. It's about carving out our new space and looking forward to the new phase of life ahead of us. As much as I enjoy change (contrary to what some might believe) I am looking forward to the stability of this next season and the life we will continue to build here together. Now that we are (mostly) settled we can move ahead together as we grow.

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