Thursday, May 15, 2014

Find a Rhythm

I have a few pet peeves and several of them tend to come up while traveling on the highway. One of my biggest irritations is when drivers constantly change pressure on the gas pedal. It causes the car to lurch forward in speed, drop back, and then jump forward again. It creates a jerking motion that can be a bit unsettling to the stomach and causes me to chafe. It isn't pleasant for those that are riding along and it is very inefficient from a fuel and travel perspective.

It's not a whole lot different when this happens in leadership. It happens when leaders are constantly pushing ahead with tremendous energy only to fall back to the pack before accelerating again. It prevents a steady rhythm that helps the team move forward at a unified pace and frankly, exhausts everyone on the team. This doesn't discount the need to speed ahead in certain seasons. Instead it's about finding a cruising speed that allows teams to develop personally, invest in new leaders, and gather resources in preparation of a season of forging ahead. Constantly fluctuating speeds diminish our available resources and result in organizational whiplash. It's better to gather steady momentum and accelerate when the time is right instead of constantly shifting gears.

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