Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Regularly Scheduled Tradition

I love our family dinners. My wife works hard to make sure we eat good food and the only way you leave the table hungry is by choice. We strive to make this a part of our routine as much as possible (depending on the schedule) because we believe in the importance of it. It's just not about eating together, but it's about what we are building while we are there.

The table is the place to talk about what matters most, how to handle tough situations, and dreams for our future. It's not always an intense teaching moment, in fact, it's often filled with silly comments, inside jokes, and loud laugh-filled exclamations as we all push for the top voice. It's not always perfect either. There are times of tension and difficulties (aren't there in any family?) but the good dinners always outnumber the tough ones. I believe it's a fundamental part of our family culture and hopefully it is building something in them that lasts. I know it will for my wife and I.

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