Monday, May 12, 2014

In Passionate Pursuit

"True passion demands something from us. 
Sacrifice & submission." Mark Sanborn

Can you identify what you are most passionate about? While most of us have answers ready for that
question, it's not necessarily what we think it is. It isn't always the activity that we get most excited about or what we convince ourselves is most important. It may not even be the thing that have held up as our personal standard of devotion. That doesn't mean that these other desires are unimportant to us either. They just don't qualify as passions unless they cost us more to pursue them than anything else we do.

When we are passionate about something we willingly pay that price and humble ourselves to the process of attaining it. We get to decide if that is focused in lasting, worthwhile ventures or in fulfilling our need for self-gratification and entitlement.

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