Friday, May 9, 2014

She's 14

Our Olivia turned 14 today. She has changed so much in the last year or so and I sometimes forget how different she is from the little girl she was not that long ago. I have watched her consciously make choices about her actions and words that she would not have made two years ago. She is definitely growing up and becoming more mature even though her parents are not quite ready for that (and admittedly, neither is she.)

She has always been a passionate person and will express her enthusiasm without hesitation. She has a tremendous power of words and can speak great truth and love. She is energetic (crossing the line into hyper every now & then!) and funny and you will never doubt where you stand with her. Even though it is sometimes a challenge, I love her strong will and focus on what matters most to her. She is fiercely loyal and will fight tooth and nail for those that she cares about. Her indomitable will is one of her greatest strengths and also the greatest challenge for her to master. I have no doubt that she will, but I know that it will be done in her timing and not mine.

I love this beautiful, red-haired, passionate girl that is becoming a young woman. I continue to pray daily for her (and her sisters) as we do the best we can to lead them into adulthood. This day reminds me of how far she has come and also of the dwindling days of childhood we have left. Happy birthday my Wee.

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