Monday, May 5, 2014

Set It

He (King Rehoboam) did evil because he had not set 
his heart on seeking the LORD.     2 Chronicles 12:14

I don't think that I am an evil person. I am far from perfect (ask anyone who knows me even a little bit), but I don't believe that I am inherently awful and ill-willed. The scary thing however, is that the slippery slope from "not bad" to evil isn't that far of a journey. Decisions made with a lack of conscience will certainly expedite that progression, but that isn't the root of the problem. When we choose to passionately seek out anything except God we are on a dangerous pathway. Our desire for satisfying personal ambitions, pleasing other people, or finding personal happiness can be toxic when we remove a desire for God from the heart of our search.

I don't believe that all of my decisions will be right or work out perfectly, but I do believe that my motives will be more pure when I search for God above all else. This isn't always easy, but by regularly questioning my desires and intentionally striving to honor God I can feel more secure in the outcome of my decisions.

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