Monday, April 2, 2012

Press In Close

Relationships have times of closeness & synergy and other times that require much more work and effort to reap success. Our relationship with God is no different.

I have had periods of time where my prayer & Bible reading are flowing with fruitfulness and peace. It seems as if I am in a constant state of prayer and closeness with God. Every time I open up my Bible I receive an incredible insight and revelation. Being in this spiritual "zone" changes my focus and energy as I draw on the sweet intimacy of God.

What do we do when we are no longer in that zone? Our humanistic side tells us to pull back. Our frustration level rises-especially since we aren't seeing the results we hoped for. 

The phrase that God keeps telling me is "press in close." It strikes an image in my mind of a child clinging to the legs of their father-not even speaking, but simply pressing in close and hanging on. As someone who is always looking for new steps of growth & future vision perhaps this is the message that I need to hear the most. There will be times of growth and fresh understanding and yet some of the most refreshing times for our souls will be found when we simply press in close to our Father.

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