Saturday, April 28, 2012

Settled Confidence

True men of God have confidence in the experiences they have been led through and the position that they currently find themselves in. It is not a mark of pride or conceit based on their own abilities, but is a firm faith in God's ability to work through them. This is a defining and essential characteristic in a leader. 

The lack of resolute confidence in God's past work in us will produce ineffective and weak leaders. It will lessen our impact as fathers, cause struggles in our relationship with our wives, and create inadequate leaders in our careers. 

In the story of David & Goliath, we see David exhibiting a settled confidence before King Saul. He chooses to step forward into battle and tells Saul that the same God that rescued him from the bear & lion will rescue him from this giant. This is not the act of a cocky young man who doesn't know any better. It is a bold testimony to a saving God that David has already experienced.

We are called to rely on the same strength that is gained from trusting God and then to follow up by taking action. This reflects the our determination to see God's will lived out in our lives once again, and produces leaders that are worth following as we follow Christ.

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