Monday, April 16, 2012

2nd Home

Some of my greatest memories in ministry have taken place at the American Indian Christian Mission. It has been a catalyst for spiritual growth and also the scene of great triumphs and trials. 

The list of physical accomplishments throughout the years is too long to list even though many feats of brute strength and achievement come to mind. I have engaged in some of my most powerful moments of worship in the bunkhouse common room and around the campfire. I have seen teams come together in unity by the end of the week when I thought it would never happen and have also been part of teams that clicked from the very beginning. We have experienced sweat (although very little in low humidity), tears (of frustration, anger, repentance, joy, and empathy,) and even blood (not usually the intended result) on some occasions. Exhaustion has set in at some point in every trip-physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

The common denominator in each trip is that God has revealed Himself in some way to us all. For some it has been life-altering and for others it has served as a reminder of our individual, ongoing transformation. 

This place is a firm part of our lives, but each year also cements in us the calling to work diligently where we are called to serve full time. Our experiences have shaped our faith and deepened our marriage, but the true lesson is gained in the application of God's work at our 1st home-first in Florida and now here in Georgia.

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